Thank you for your interest in weBehave, Inc. and the Behavior Therapist opportunity. We would like to inform you that this is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are looking to gain experience within the interesting field of psychology and behavior analysis. We work one-on-one with children on the autism spectrum disorder using research-driven behavior programs. Our therapists work towards obtaining hours to attain their certification in behavior analysis per the Behavior Analyst Certification Board requirements ( The first step in joining us is to complete the questionnaire below. You may type in your answers and once completed, it will automatically be sent to our organization. We are excited to learn more about you!



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For FIU Students only: Are you interested in participating in the unpaid practicum experience as opposed to the regular independent fieldwork experience? Students must enroll in three (3) credits of PSY4941. This course meets the Psychology elective requirement.

World Evolve, Inc. has partnered with Florida Institute of Technology to offer a Hybrid Master of Arts in Professional Behavior Analysis. This opportunity is available to all eligible interns. Would you be interested in learning more about how to complete graduate school in the future while completing your internship?

Have you completed, or are you currently enrolled in, a course in Applied Behavior Analysis or behavior modification? (If you are an FIU student, the code for this course would be EAB3002.)4

Have you graduated with your Bachelor? If not, when is your anticipated graduation date?

Are you interested in getting your BCaBA certification? BCBA? (

Placement Preferences:

We work with clients who may emit aggressive and/or self-injurious behaviors, such as: hitting, kicking, biting, spitting, scratching, and self-injury. Would you be comfortable working with these behaviors?

Would you be willing to teach self-help skills, such as toileting and dressing?

Do you feel comfortable working with children up to 16 years of age?

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This position requires traveling. Would you be able to travel up to 15 miles?

Are you willing to provide therapy in home/school/clinic settings?

Other than English, are you fluent in any other languages?


You must be available for a minimum of 4 out of 5 business days for at least 3 consecutive hours during the time-frame indicated below. What is your current schedule of availability? Please consider your school schedule and summertime commitments when completing the calendar. Input a checkmark for each hour that you are available.


Are you also available on the weekends?

Comments (Please report expected schedule changes):

The schedule that you complete here will be used for client assignment. Any further changes to this schedule may result in the inability to assign you to a client.

Contractual Obligations:

If accepted after the pre-screening process, you will be required to complete and pass each part of our training curriculum in order to be offered a therapist position with our company. Please initial each of the following steps of the hiring process, indicating your understanding and commitment.

1. Attend a 15 minute initial interview with the Human Resources Director.

2. Phase 1: Complete a series of training modules online and new-hire documentation. In order to proceed to Part 2 of the training process, you must pass the cumulative online exams with a minimum proficiency of 90%.

3. Phase 2: Complete three-day in-person training, and pass the practical examination with an 80% or higher.

4. Phase 3: Attend a one-day orientation the following week introducing company policies and procedures. Either Thursday or Friday from 10am-4pm. Time and date will be further discussed, once accepted into the internship.

5. Upon meeting all training criteria, you will be offered a position as a “Probationary Therapist.” All Probationary Therapists are required to sign a contract agreeing to a minimum 3-month commitment to the position. Failure to meet this obligation will result a fee, for reimbursement of training costs.

6. All therapists are considered to be independent contractors. For more information on this topic, please visit

7. Case assignment is based on many factors, including geography and schedule availability. As such, therapists may be required to wait for assignment. Therapist schedule flexibility often eliminates or reduces this waiting period.

8. Therapists are required to give a 30-day notice if they choose to terminate their working relationship with weBehave, Inc.

9. Therapists are paid on a monthly basis with a one month delay. For example, if your start date is on January 1st, you will obtain your first paycheck on March 1st.

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Interviews are conducted on the Thursday following the receipt of your completed questionnaire. Below, please indicate at around what times you would be available to receive a phone call to discuss this opportunity further:

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We look forward to our phone conversation!